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Reasons Of Choosing Dry Needle Therapy

Pain in the body is a regular problem for a higher percentage of people in this world. Many of them are now trying to choose alternative treatments along with medication. While acupuncture is a popular therapy for pain relief, in this article we are going to talk about a similar therapy that uses similar techniques used by acupuncture therapy. In this therapy, which is called intramuscular stimulation or IMS, thin needles, also used in acupuncture, are inserted into the muscle. This is done by trained physiotherapists who target trigger points or tight knots of muscles with needles. Often, doctors prescribe this therapy to patients suffering from pain. Here are some benefits of IMS therapy that makes it so popular.

Tight muscle relaxation:

Tight muscles create sensation of pain all over the body. Relaxing these muscles and restoring the normal length is the key to relieving this pain. In dry needling Canberra therapy, a therapist finds these trigger points or knots and inserts needles. The actual procedure inside the muscle is not completely understood. It is thought that the insertion of needles alter the electrical activity in that particular region. It results in a twitching response. It is believed that this mechanism helps to reset the muscle effectively and restores the normal length of the muscle relieving it of pain.

Improve blood flow:

There are other therapies, like lymphatic drainage massage, which helps in relieving many symptoms. Just like this alternative therapy, IMS helps in relieving pain and improve the flow of blood. Muscle knots cause prevention in the flow of blood. As the muscle gets restored to its normal size, the flow of blood also gets normalized which helps in relieving pain.

Decrease Pain and Release Neurotransmitters:

We feel pain when the information is transmitted to our spinal cord and brain. There are neurotransmitters which can block this information. IMS therapy activates the human body to release peptides, like enkephalins, dynorphins and beta-endorphins. These neurotransmitters help to block the information and thus the feeling of pain.

Movement improvement:

Pain reduces the range of motion. After IMS therapy the reduction of pain and improved blood flow helps to improve the range of motion in patients. This helps to tackle the everyday jobs easily and makes life easier.

Chronic pain treatment:

IMS is a procedure that treats a wide range of pain problems effectively. Patients suffering from sciatica, planter fasciitis, headaches, golf/tennis elbow, neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain can find relief through this alternative therapy. This therapy is capable of treating both chronic and acute pain.