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Get To Know Who Dr. David Slattery Is

For those who do not know who Mr. Slattery is, he is a FRACS in addition to being a regular MBBS doctor. Most importantly he as a doctor is looked up to and regarded primarily due to his global experience of fellowship; and he is known for an approach and treatment of especially the hip, pelvic region, as well as the knee surgeon; that you shall never find elsewhere! 

He is definitely the person to go to in case you experience or anyone in your family or friend circle experience the following problems, namely: the need to substitute or replace a hip in case of a severe damage, arthroscopy of the hip and periacetabular osteotomy technique, for all of these treatments he has practical experience which is one of the significant factors to consider when deciding which doctor to approach. 

In case you are curious to know more about Mr. Slattery 

By now most of you might have been wondering how to know more about this amazing doctor, well here is all that you would ever want to know about your doctor. David was born in Melbourne and it is the very same city where he has spent his childhood days. Well the astonishing find is that when he first went to the university in Melbourne he enrolled in a degree for law, before setting out on his medicinal vocation. In Queensland, he finished his undergrad degree of medicine in the year 2008 from a well reputed university with top of the line respects.  

He at that point came back to Melbourne and finished his apprenticeship as well as his residency from a famous hospital in the city by the name of “The Alfred”.  Dr. David has apart from this hospital has also rendered his services in two other hospitals in the city namely: Shepparton and Sandringham.  

His success continues 

In 2010, David was acknowledged by orthopedic experts who train young doctors in association with the college for surgeons under the royal patronage. He stayed in Western Australia for a while before coming back to Victoria to finish his authority preparing. Amid this all he undertook various trips to visit the far off and indigenous networks that existed in Western Australia. He had been there for serving numerous patients in some of the best hospitals in the country including: Austin and Monash as well as at Royal Hospital in Melbourne, and at the Children’s Hospital. After being granted partnerships by the surgeons college and the association of Orthopedist in Australia he functioned as a specialist available only during selected hours at the afore mentioned hospitals as he had to visit numerous hospitals in a days’ time 

David at that point preceded to United Kingdom to practice by embracing the opportunities being granted by associations there, especially those who research about the Pelvic region and the various types of surgeries patients need to reestablish especially after a traumatic experience such as accidents and bad slips etc.  bone-surgeon